Location: Nicosia

Number of participants: 32

Description of the activity

The training event has taken place in Nicosia with 32 participants on the 11th of January 2019. In the event participants had the chance to explore different narratives about migration and refugees that are not being explored due to the emotional blanket that is the contentious issue of accepting and integrating them. The two larger points where the need to explore the effects of automation and population decline in the local populations within the framework of a more coherent and long lasting policy discussions on which migrants and refugees are definitely a part of (this event was a synergy of two Erasmus + project called Jobs for Work 4.0 and QUALIFY but fully paid by project). In the second part we have identified challenges on the EU migration policies which allowed a segue to the functions of the EU system followed by a discussion about what exactly is the EU citizenship and the intricacies of creating a European Identity based not on national characteristics but the rule of law and fundamental human rights, thus animating the motto of the EU “United in Diversity”.

Outcomes: A number of people participated, where job counsellors and government employees that deal with migrants and refugees on a daily basis and thus have an outsized institutional role to play in terms of their successful integration into the Cyprus society.